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Reading has been a passion of mine since I learned to read. My love of reading has lead me to get my bachelors in Literature and my Masters in Library science. My reading interests are very diverse. My main interest in books is with literary fiction. Since starting library school and working in a public library I have realized that there are other genres that are more widely read. In the last couple of years I have spent more time reading mysteries, romances and speculative fiction. Most recently I have been sampling some urban fiction because it is very popular at the library where I work. Weekly I enjoy reading the New Yorker Magazine and the new York Times.

To keep up with the current news and happenings in the profession I focus on several print and online sources and I am always on the look out for new resources. I am a member of the ALA, ILA, PLA and RUSA so I receive American Libraries, Public Libraries and RUSQ with my subscription. Below are some of the digital resources I read regularly.

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First Egg

From the early eighties until the early nineties I worked part time at a small, one screen movie theater. This theater was one of the first theaters in Maine to show foreign and art films. I learned a lot about programming and customer service from this experience. This was also the beginning of my life long love of movies. In The mid 1990's I worked at the Videoroom in New York city. The Videoroom has one of the largest selection of movies in the city. We provided hard to find movies to tv and movie production companies as well as private customers. This experience further developed my passion and knowledge about movies. In 1995 I wrote, directed, scored and starred in a thirty minute film called first egg. I hope to some day be involved in movie collection development in a library environment.

On-line resource for movie information: Internet Movie Database


Binto Family Music

I have been a professional musician for the last twenty years and have toured all over the US and Europe.The last decade has been dedicated to my solo project oRSo. In oRSo I am the songwriter, singer and string player (guitar, banjo, tenor banjo and tenor guitar). People describe the music of oRSo as chamber folk, carny rock and psychedelic folk. I have functioned in all capacities as band leader, manager, producer, record label, event planner and of course performer. My tastes in music travel all around the world and back. One moment I might listen to 1950's country music and the next to north indian snake charmer music. Since the beginning of my masters program I have focused my limited extra-curricular time on playing music for kids and teaching beginner guitar classes at the library where I work.

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Growing up in an Italian family I don't remember a time in my life when I didn't love to eat and cook. This love of food pushed me into my first job as a prep cook in a clam shack on the boardwalk in Old Orchard Beach Maine. This seemed like a good career choice especially while I was earning my bachelors degree. The unconventional hours allowed me to pursue my career in music. For fifteen years I worked in every corner of the food service industry. I baked bagels, worked in catering, ran a pizza shop, catered and worked as a chef in a hotel. At the end of this part of my work life I realized that there might be better ways to support myself. I could more freely pursue this passion in my home for my friends and family. These days I enjoy reading cookbooks and learning to cook the cuisines of other countries. India and Latin America have been on the menu for the last several years. Slow food is the best food. My wife and I pride ourselves on cooking everything we eat.

Visual Art


Creativity has always been a very important part of my life. Having the good fortune of attending public school when the arts were still supported, I was exposed to many different art forms. Since that time I have been an amateur photographer and painter. More recently, technology has permitted creative freedom in many digital mediums. In the last decade I have created almost all the art work and promo materials for my band oRSo. I have completed various photo projects including a year of self portraits and a series of portraits of Chicago Public Transit bus drivers. In 1995 I shot and edited my first movie using a small digital camera. This project was exciting because it incorporated all of the varied aspects of my creativity. My motto regarding artistic pursuits is: don't be scared be creative. There is no form of art or creative act that I won't try. I think all people can enrich their lives through creativity. I try to pass this message on in my daily life.